Dance is a symbol of communication which brings

out the innermost feelings. The Indian classical dance is often regarded as the form of worship and meditation. A combination of a flawless dancer, choreographer, and a teacher, Aswathy Nair is an exponent of mohiniyattam, the dance form of Kerala.





Born at Thiruvananthapurm in India, her early years were spent in Kuwait.

In those times, when there weren't many places one could learn classical dance professionally, Aswathy used to perform as well as choreograph for events and functions like trained dancers and was well-accepted.

Aswathy continued her high-school back in Thiruvananthapuram, and she started her formal dance training at Noopura at the age of 13. Her journey in this art form began under the guidance of Smt. Chandrika, Smt. Kalakshethra Shali Vijayan and Padma Sasikumar. And she learned Kuchipudi from Smt. Anupama Mohan.

Aswathy's inclination was more towards Kerala's own classical art form Mohiniyattom and it is her great fortune to pursue her passion with Smt. Kalamandalam Sugandhi, which is still continued.

Aswathy is widely known for her un-matched skill in blending traditional and contemporary dance forms with the modifications that is warmly welcomed by the young. She strictly adheres to the traditions of classical dance, which is otherwise rapidly deteriorating these days.


Her journey as a dancer is akin to that of a flowing river which assimilates all that it encounters in its course, retaining what is required for it's growth and discarding all that is harmful for it's existence.

The greatest competition that Aswathy faces is herself; it is her consistent effort to better herself to take the bar higher after each performance.









Lakshya School of Dance & Music

With the passionate support of her husband Anil Nair, Aswathy decided to make dance her profession and Lakshya School of Music and Dance was started in 2000. In a short time, Lakshya was doing prominent stage and television shows which showcased Aswathy's choreographic ability through the performance of her dancers. These shows were highly appreciated too.

Lakshya trains people who has got a passion for dance. With a team of highly proficient, knowledgeable and talented faculty Lakshya aims to preserve and propagate the true essence of this ancient art form to the budding artists of the present and future generations. Her constant endeavour is to try and bequeath to posterity this great and enchanting dance form with all its essence intact.

Today, along with her dance tutoring at Lakshya, Aswathy is finding time for her own stage performances like the world-famous Soorya Dance and Music Festival held annually at Thiruvananthapuram.




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